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Agreeing to the following is mandatory to the adoption process and is detailed
on the adoption application:

You must keep fresh water and bedding available at all times.

During outside time, your dog must have adequate shelter away from heat, cold rain and any inclement weather.

You must keep a collar and tag, with your name and number, on your dog at all times.

You must feed your dog daily, regularly.

You must keep your dog on flea control.

You must keep your dog on heartworm medication every month.

You agree to keep your dog as a welcomed family member until death do you part... Yes, it is like a marriage!

Pay the $125-$150 adoption fee.  Adoption fee includes spay or neuter if dog is not yet fixed and current vaccines.

If you no longer want your adopted dog, you must contact us for re-adoption.  

If you do not want the dog, you agree that you will not bring the dog to a shelter or animal welfare location, we want the dog back.  

        We reserve the right to refuse any adoption if we feel it is in the best interest of the dog.

Click here for more free dog training tips.  Never give your dog any kind of bones, unless they have been specifically designed for “chewing” by dogs.  Many pet stores carry excellent varieties of dog chews and sterilized bones.  Free dog training tips.