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7 Dog Training Tips That Work!

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More Info On Each Step)

#1 Potty Training Tips

3 easy potty training techniques to
get dog's to only pee outside.

#2 Stop Your Dog's Chewing in 36 Hours!

Watch an 11 week old puppy being taught to stop chewing in 2 days!

#3 How To Stop That Annoying, Territorial Barking in Minutes!

5 simple backyard drills you can do to stop annoying barking.

#4 A Gentle Method To Stop Leash Pulling

How to cure leash pulling in 5 minutes without a choke collar.

#5 How To Quit Jumping Up On People

2 minutes of this non-aggressive technique will stop your dog from jumping on people.

For The Other Two Techniques Click Here

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Medium Breeds

Dogs require periodic bathing and many require regular grooming to keep them looking and smelling good.  Locate a reputable, friendly, professional groomer in your area and set a grooming schedule.  Some individuals are able to groom their own dogs.  Be very, very careful when using trimmers or scissors on your dog.  A professional groomer, will often spend time alone with your dog.  It is vital you are comfortable with the type of treatment your groomer will exhibit toward your dog in your absence.  Verify, in advance, if they are specifically experienced in grooming your breed of dog, what the results will be, and if they will notify you of any difficulties encountered while grooming your dog.  Click here for more free dog training tips.
Large Breeds